The trip of a lifetime

"Travelling with BIDE-YM has been such a great adventure. Everything is so well organized and it's just a tremendous time.

To anyone thinking of joining – do it. Whether you're a pro or not, you won't regret it. It's the trip of a lifetime."

Michael Phelps, former competitive swimmer
35, USA

perfect for extreme sport enthusiasts

"I have always loved extreme sports, but traveling with BIDE-YM and spending time with these guys has really opened my eyes and made me realize that it really is a philosophy and way of life. This is who we are."



We are fearless travelers and athletes who love a good challenge. BIDE-YM is our way of leaping into the unknown, feeling that rush of adrenaline pumping through our veins and being our greatest selves. Only when together with our fellow BIDE-YM’ers do we feel most alive.



BIDE-YM was founded by best friends Joseph Bideman and Tobias Ymer. They met when they were both studying at UCLA in California, USA. The idea behind BIDE-YM came to life back in 2016 when they friends went on a hike in Yosemite National Park on their spring break. They had only met a few months before, but their mutual interest in nature and extreme sports brought them together, and since then nothing has kept them apart. They even moved in together and today run and work with BIDE-YM full time. 


When the BIDE-YM concept was founded, it was based off of activities executed in mountain areas and locations. Therefor, the BIDE-YM annual trips are always to destinations where there are large mountains ready to be explored, such as nature reserves and national parks. 


There are plenty of perilous and dangerous hiking trails around the world, and some people (i.e. fellow members of BIDE-YM) live to seek out, conquer and survive these hikes. We live off the thrill that comes with scaling a mountain cliff without ropes, running across glaciers and crossing deserts. Why? Because of the adventure. The challenge. And that feeling of being alive, that comes with putting your life at risk.

By definition, extreme hiking is not for everyone. For this sport, we only recommend people who are in top physical condition, are aware of the basic safety and first aid options, and despite all that, still offers risk and a sense of adventure even to experiences hikers.

Depending on conditions and destinations, we’ll engage in hiking in extreme weather such as snow hikes, desert hikes and trekking during heavy rain. Sometimes we also like to hike during nightfall to make the experience more extreme and edgy.


Also known as mountaineering, mountain climbing is the sport of attaining, or attempting to attain, high points in mountainous regions, mainly for the pleasure of the climb. “Life’s a climb. But the view’s great.”

For the untrained, mountaineering is a dangerous pastime. Climbing mountains tests your courage, resourcefulness, cunning, strength, ability, and stamina to the utmost in a situation of inherent risk. We therefor advice that our members to go on a shorter mountain climbing trip before coming along the annual trip, as we here don’t have the time or resources to assist beginners. 

Mountaineering to a greater degree than the other BIDE-YM activities, is a group activity. Each member is both supporting and being supported by the group’s achievement at every stage. For most climbers, the pleasures of mountaineering lie not only in the ‘conquest’ of a peak, but also in the physical and spiritual satisfactions brought about through intense personal effort, ever-increasing proficiency and contact with natural grandeur.


Mountain biking can be performed on any off-road surface. While mountain trails are among the most popular spots, bikers also flock to deserts and national parks to add some variety to their routine.  

While racing and thrills are easy to find in this sport, mountain biking actually encompasses a number of various divisions, like downhill, cross country, dirt jumping, and so on. We practice each of these categories, depending on the location we’re in! Cross-country biking is the most popular, and involves rides on mountain trails of all shapes and sizes. Here, there’s less emphasis on speed and tricks and a greater focus on variety and all-around enjoyment of the sport. Downhill rides are for the more thrills-seeking riders. For this category we even sometimes use vehicles or lifts to reach the peak of the mountain before racing back to the bottom by bike.

In this activity, we compete with other riders (which is optional to participate in)Depending on the variant of the sport, the riders have to reach the finishing line as fast as possible. The first three riders to finish the race after finishing the required laps are declared winners. 


Paragliding is the closest to flying like a bird that any human can be, since paragliders  are ultralight and flexible, and uses the wind as its sole propellant, without the need for an engine or fuel. Paragliding is the sport of flying parachutes with design modifications that enhance their gliding capabilities. Unlike hang gliders, paragliders have no rigid framework – the parachute canopy acts as a wing and is constructed of fabrik cells with openings at the front that allow them to be inflated by movement through the air – the “ram-air” effect. 

The pilot is suspended in a seated harness and controls the wing via lines attached to the trailing edge of the paraglider. This thriving sport is not limited to the uplands environments only, but tow-launching can also be employed. 

Paragliding is an extreme sport which was born in the late 70’s as a variant of skydiving in order to descend mountains with steep slopes. Initially, it was mainly used by climbers who were looking for an easy and simple way to go down from the top of the mountain. That is actually the simple reason while we chose it to be one of the four branches and activities of BIDE-YM!

the bide-ym ITINERARY

arrival, feast & hiking

After arriving at our location, members are welcomed by the BIDEYM crew, get settled in and then follows the traditional arrival feast.

This is an excellent opportunity to network, catch up with fellow BIDEYM members and of course welcome our new family members.

The next day the adventure begins with two days of intense hiking. Depending on the location we’re in, this hike can take place in the mountains, rainforest, tundra, desert and other challenging terrains. The hike includes one night sleeping under the stars (members are asked to bring a tent and other camping gear of their own).


On day four – after a good nights rest at the BIDE-YM camp site after our long hike – members should prepare for some of the wildest mountain bike courses in the world.

The BIDE-YM crew will transport members’ bikes to the starting location and depending on terrain, we’ll dive headfirst into a days crash course into the different styles of mountain biking. We’ll finish the day with a friendly biking contest.

The contest is voluntary and can also be very demanding, so less experienced bikers can choose to skip this part and simply take a nice bike ride instead. 

rest day 

Day five is a day of rest and relaxation to prepare body and soul for the spectacular days to come. Members can get to know one another, share their hiking and biking stories, and go for nice, low-key hikes around the campsite. Lifelong bonds are often formed during this day. Take advantage of this time to network with the rest of the members. 

the big climb 

Day six marks the beginning of the most arduous leg of the adventure. For three days, members will ascend thousands of metres on mountains known for challenging climbing trails. 

Please note that only experienced mountaineers will be permitted to climb the most challenging routes. Routes for less experienced climbers will be available each year.

BYE bye birdie 

Perhaps the most exciting part of the adventure takes place on day nine. One of the most recognizable parts of the BIDE-YM experience, is paragliding over the finish line. After the preceding days of hard, challenging climbing – nothing beats throwing yourself off of the very mountain you just conquered.

the social event of the year 

Finally, after nine days of intense adventuring – on day ten it’s finally time to party

The BIDE-YM conquering party has been called “The Social Event of the Year” by The New York Times (true story).

BIDE-YM members from all over the world are welcome to participate. World leaders, celebrities, athletes and socialites all attend this annual party of a lifetime.